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Ukrainian national anthem 


When the war began

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised that no military operations would take place in Ukraine, they were only conducting exercises as they felt threatened by the West and NATO.

However, the truth is that the West, NATO, Europe and the United States had practiced provocations against Russia. Among them NATO relocations and maneuver exercises on the eastern external borders of the EU countries and Baltic countries.

However, the war is neither justified nor justified by this. At no time was there a real threat to Russia.

In fact, Putin had been planning this war for a long time. Allegedly, he wanted to lead Russia back to its old greatness in order to expand his POWER, his INFLUENCE and, of course, to mark the strong man. (Statements of numerous interviewed persons, predominant opinions from broadcast media, free journalists).

But, war crime is what it is: a crime against state sovereignty, violation of human rights, murder, destruction, violation of state integrity, violation of national interests of Ukraine.

Since the outbreak of the war, we have been trying to place here the live streams showing the current war events – LIVE – 24/7 NONSTOP.

We check the content for „authenticity“ and compare it with other streams and even determine the origin of the cameras.

Therefore, we assure that we are journalistically neutral and objective in reproducing the testimony of the time in an unaltered and uninfluenced way.

Markings on military vehicles involved in the war.

English letters written on vehicles What do these letters mean
Z Eastern Military District
Z in the box Russian army stationed in Crimea
O Russian army stationed in Belarus
V Russian Naval Infantry
X Kadyrov Chechnya
A Alpha Ground Special Forces

Source: Hindustan News Hub – Trending news