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1. General Information about as a Provider of Politically Neutral Content serves as a provider of politically neutral content and as a journalistic platform for the publication of sensitive, leaked, and politically sensitive documents, images, audios, and videos.

2. User Awareness of Graphic Content in Military Livestreams

Users are aware that livestreams from military conflict zones may present graphic perspectives. Users discretion is advised, and assumes no liability for mental or physical harm.

3. Livestream Availability and Source Verification checks livestreams for availability every 24 hours and adjusts sources if necessary.

4. as a Neutral Entity will not act as a point of contact for any nations, politicians, or authorities and will not comply with any prohibitions.

5. No Use of Tracking Codes, Cookies, or Other Tools does not use tracking codes, cookies, or any other tools and plugins to collect, store, transmit, or otherwise aggregate, sell, or make visitor information accessible to third parties.

6. Secure Servers and HTTPS Encryption

The multipurpose servers of and are secure and use HTTPS encryption, even if it is not displayed in the address bar of the browser for

Last updated: [23.01.2024]

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