Warring parties

Since the war began, the Russian army, separatists, Chechen mercenaries, Russian-friendly saboteurs, and Russian-affiliated militias have wreaked havoc, destruction, deaths and injuries, and displacement in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a terrorist, a war criminal, a murderer, and ultimately a scum who threatens the entire world.

Putin and his bellicose supporters are murderers and war criminals.

But… global solidarity (except for a few Russia-friendly nations) is growing strongly. There are said to be people from countries who have agreed to fight alongside the Ukrainian defenders.

We also have numbers on casualties so far.

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Military situation since March 1
Controlled by Ukraine
Controlled by Russia and the insurgents

Crimea: as of February 20, 2014
Eastern Ukraine: from April 13, 2014 in Slowyansk.
Large-scale Russian invasion: as of February 24, 2022.
Ukraine location
Exit still ongoing

Map of Ukraine with territories annexed by Russia and separatist areas (as of February 21, 2022).

OSCE observer killed
In Putin’s war against Ukraine, an OSCE observer was killed, according to official media reports.

More news

· Ukrainians take vigilante action against looters by tying a looter to a lamppost and torturing him.

· Chechen fighters want to join the war and support the Russian army.

· Further deliveries of weapons from Germany for Ukrainian defenders started.

· World Court starts investigation against Russia.

· Japan reports that dozens of volunteers are on their way to Ukraine to help Ukrainians (Volunteer Fighters).

· Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selensky calls on the world population to volunteer to fight alongside the Ukrainian defenders – many answer this call for help.

Parties to the conflict

„Donetsk People’s Republic“
(militias, int. not recognized)
„Lugansk People’s Republic“
(militias, int. not recognized)


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