Ukraine celebrates Russian withdrawal

Two-thirds of the Cherson region remains Russian occupied,
nevertheless a reason to celebrate for Ukrainians.

After 260 days of war, eight months of war, the Cherson region seems to be almost liberated. This is how some media and many Ukrainians report it. But the Ukrainian President Zelensky calls for vigilance, Ukraine has not yet won this bloody war, and the Russian one still poses a great danger.

A Russian rocket landed in the Cherson region on Saturday night and roused residents from their sleep. There were apparently dead and injured (is researched and reported).

Dnipro (an important bridgehead) is partially liberated, the other side remains occupied. Many observers describe the withdrawal of Russian troops as a „ruse“ and Russia does not see the withdrawal as an admission of defeat, but withdrew the army to protect them.

Putin will not be held responsible for defeats and losses, Putin will pass this on to his military leadership – at the latest, heads should roll there.