UA War

The media contradict themselves, and anyone who gathers information from numerous sources knows that.

In the case of the Ukraine war, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) claimed on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference that he was not expecting a major Russian offensive on the anniversary (02/24/2022).

From other sources, however, exactly the opposite is claimed and even shown.

Thus, the Russian army is shifting its troop concentration along the current front line and strengthening it. In the recent past, the Russian army has lost many tanks, apparently abandoned by the Russian army itself. They are now integrated into the Ukrainian army.

And otherwise the spiral of escalation seems to find no end at the political level.

The US calls on its US citizens staying in Russia to leave Russia in a short time. The Czech Republic has closed a consulate in Russia.

These are signals to be taken seriously, and will review and, if necessary, replace the live ticker if we have reason to believe that the absolute truth is not being published.