Absolute transparency

Absolute transparency also includes the fact that we publish certain information about the site operation. Because secrets not infrequently mean that something is to be hidden.

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Portals and Internet sites that operate infowars will probably be a dime a dozen. But this does not stop people from participating in the information war. So I basically join a large network and publish information that is nothing but the absolute verifiable truth.

The Ukraine war is a strong sign why the truth should not be swept under the carpet, but transported into the world.

Currently, both Russia and Ukraine are engaged in propaganda. It should not be forgotten that Russian propaganda is built on massive lies, while Ukrainian propaganda serves more to boost the morale of the defenders.

From this it is very easy to deduce who is hostile and who wants peace. The positions are clear and the course of the war showed that nothing goes according to plan, as the Kremlin likes to sell it on state television. The overpowering Russian army is increasingly dismantling itself, with generals sometimes being run over.

I try with to make a contribution that the truth must never be suppressed. Whether one makes friends with it? Well, there will be many who do not want that facts and facts are published. Putin has proven this very exemplary. He has banned the independent press, arrested journalists and citizens who have even dared to oppose the war and express facts. Freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate have also been severely restricted.

Here in Germany, the freedom of expression, the basic right of self-determined information procurement, the press right a constitutional and constitutionally protected right that are unassailable, not even by authorities, politics or anyone else.

This right is also the most important instrument for the truthful communication of information – reports – leaks. But also in Germany not always without consequences or harmless.