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Putin’s war of aggression, he calls it „special operation“ to demilitarize and denazify, in Ukraine brought untold suffering to the Ukrainian population, including 140 children. The Russian army destroyed important civilian infrastructures, residential buildings, whole cities like Mariupol, Odessa and many more.

Putin’s war is the ushering in of a „change of times“, marking more or less the end of peace in Europe…. at least that is the widespread opinion.

The war is costing Russia huge amounts of money per day of war and there seems to be no end in sight… from the current point of view.

Putin has made himself a war criminal and a human rights criminal. He is a perpetrator, a murderer and a human scum. He lost the war when it started and he will probably meet with contempt and rejection internationally and within humanity. But not only he as Russian president, but the whole Russian policy that supported Putin’s war.

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