Support will continue to work after the Ukraine war to collect and publish explosive information worldwide.
Running the server costs money, and wants to make it possible to travel anywhere to capture an unbiased, truthful picture. is currently funded by the income of the parent company, which provides the server and related infrastructure.

With the support we can cover the equipment and other relevant costs. For the supporters, as a thank you, we will come up with something. Voucher cards for Steam, Roblox and the like.

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Commerzbank Stephan Hille DE56 7204 0046 0116 4771 00 COBADEFFXXX

You can also support as follows

You can send us information, radio transmissions, leaked documents, satellite images, pictures and witness reports.

We collect all the information about the Ukraine war and will send it as a whole file to the International Court of Justice in The Hague (Netherlands).

Please pay attention to the sources from which you obtain any information and check it with other sources. The more sources match the more likely it is that the content is genuine. However, please always make sure that the sources are different and that they are not directly or indirectly connected, partnered, part of a larger network, or otherwise not independent.

In times like these, independent reporting is the powerful tool to find the truth, even if some governments in this world don’t like to see it. But people have a right to unbiased real news, because it concerns us all!

Send your information to the following email: infowar [@] (without brackets and spaces)

Each submission is processed absolutely anonymously and published on Furthermore, we always pseudonymize all received and sent emails from our system. We respect data protection and personal rights as well as the right to be forgotten on the Internet.

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