Rashists, that’s how Russian soldiers are called recently, who are in the war of aggression against Ukraine in Ukraine.

Russian soldiers are called orcs because they commit looting and robbery. So, all in all, a rather sci-fi titling of Russian aggressors.
Meanwhile, in Germany there are currently 140 cases against war supporters who are said to have used the Russian symbol „Z“.

Also, the Ukrainian government has now fully completed the EU accession questionnaire and hopes to be classified as a candidate country in the summer (June).
EU accession would be a milestone in Ukrainian history, as Ukrainians feel they belong to Europe instead of Russia.

The 54th day of war is another lost day for the Russian leadership and its military. For Putin has so far won nothing that Putin had promised himself and the Russian people.
It has also leaked out that Lavrov is supposed to have tried again and again to try diplomatic talks, which Putin is supposed to have rejected.

The recognition of the breakaway regions of Donesk and Luhansk has been repeatedly described as „contrary to international law. Heavy fighting was reported in Donesk.
Kharkiv is also again under massive attack.

All in all, Russia must be prepared for a tough war and possibly for failure – although, strictly speaking, there will be no winner!