Massive explosion hits major Russian gas pipeline


Massive explosion hits major Russian gas pipeline near St Petersburg

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Huge explosion rips through gas pipeline near Russia’s St. Petersburg

Watch flames rise at a gas pipeline in Russia after a destructive explosion tears through the energy bank.

Russia’s second-largest city experienced a large explosion earlier today. It is still unknown how it happened, and whether it was caused by a regular accidental fire or. was a targeted incident. Thick plumes of smoke could be seen coming from the Leningrad region of the city after the explosion. Locals and users on Twitter have been reacting to the video footage as officials are yet to come forward with an explanation for the blaze.

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Massive explosion hits Russian Gazprom gas pipeline amid suspicions of sabotage linked to Putin’s war on Ukraine

An enormous explosion has hit one of Russia’s major gas pipelines, sending flames and smoke billowing into the sky above and prompting fears it was a retribution attack for Vladimir Putin’s continued invasion of Ukraine.

The fireball was visible for miles in every direction after hitting about 14 miles east of St Petersburg, the nation’s second largest city and Putin’s hometown.

One source said: ‚Everything is automatic there, and such explosions by themselves, without external influence, are impossible.‘

The blast is believed to have hit the main gas pipeline belonging to Gazprom Transgaz SPB, and could have potentially impacted up to one million people.

Ambulances and emergency vehicles were rushing to the scene this afternoon. Eyewitnesses reported intensive care vehicles also drove to the site of the explosion.

It’s understood investigators and forensic specialists were also at the site of the explosion as they rush to determine the cause.

However, the major blast did not hit close to residential areas, and there are no initial reports of casualties coming out of Russia.

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