Kyiv increasingly under fire

As reported by worldwide media (including many free journalists‘ associations), Ukraine imposed a news blackout on the current situation in the Ukrainian capital. However, there are confirmed reports of heavy attacks on the suburbs of Kiev. Kiev itself is reportedly relatively safe.

A village near Kiev has been recaptured by the Ukrainian army.

Meanwhile, reports are spreading that the Ukrainian military is reportedly behind „Roma’s“ in leaving contested war zones. They are said to have been tied to lampposts (With barrier tapes or adhesive tapes). Roma are a minority population that is the subject of worldwide anti-Semitic and anti-gypsy hostility and degradation in public opinion.

This is also reflected in the opinion that the Ukrainian state itself has made „racist“ efforts against these minorities.

However, this is not a problem limited to Ukraine, but a global one. In countries where Sinti and Roma are at home, they are ostracized, persecuted, stigmatized, discriminated against and subjected to racist hostility.

The war of aggression against Ukraine launched by the Russian disponent Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is not only a war and human rights crime, but also shifts racist aspirations more and more massively.

For example, Russian prisoners of war are said to have been severely mistreated. Such accusations are also addressed by Ukraine to the Russian military.

Reports like these and others cannot be independently verified by journalists in times of war. Therefore, one must indeed hope that the international court (The Hague (Netherlands)) will investigate such acts and allegations and apprehend their perpetrators in order to convict them.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a war criminal. However, the Ukrainian attack on Donbass was not free of war and human rights crimes either (if they are true and verifiable). considers itself to be in solidarity with Ukraine but still absolutely neutral.