Germany bans the „Z“

Anyone who publicly displays the „Z“ war license plate of the Russian armed forces in the Ukraine war in this country must expect criminal consequences with immediate effect.

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Prosecutor’s office takes action against „Z“ sign

„Bavarian public prosecutors are taking consistent action against people who publicly approve of the war of aggression in violation of international law,“ Justice Minister Georg Eisenreich (CSU) told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur in Munich on Friday. „We do not accept when crimes contrary to international law are approved.“

Russian President Vladimir Putin had unleashed a criminal war of aggression that meant terrible suffering for the Ukrainian people, Eisenreich said. The Bavarian judiciary is therefore taking a close look. „Freedom of opinion is a high good of our constitution. Everyone is allowed to express his or her opinion in Germany. However, freedom of opinion ends where criminal law begins.“ He said that anyone in Bavaria who publicly uses the „Z“ license plate must know that he could be liable to prosecution.

Lower Saxony is also taking action against the use of the „Z“ sign.

What lies behind the „Z“ sign

Since the beginning of the war of aggression, a white „Z“ can often be seen on tanks and uniforms of the Russians. The sign has become a symbol of support for Russia, and is also displayed outside the war zone on buildings, cars or clothing to express approval of Russia’s attack. (Source: dpa/cch)