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War year: 1 | War month: 13 | War Week: 53 | War Day: 378

North -Stream 2

US intelligence services want evidence that pro-Ukrainian mercenaries damaged/disabled the Nord Stream 2 by blowing it up. However, one is not so sure. Because it is also suspected that this could have been a false flag mission to put the blame on Ukraine.

So the result is nothing clear!


In the course of the Russian invasion of February 24, 2022 by the Russian army, more than 70,000 war crimes have been documented so far.

Problem: Russia does not recognize the International Criminal Court in The Hague. A criminal prosecution does not seem easy. Nevertheless, the numerous war crimes are to be clarified and punished by this legal authority.


Both the Ukrainian army and the Russian army suffered massive losses in the battle for Bakhmut. Both personally and materially.
While Ukraine does not want to allow Bakhmut to fall into the hands of Russia and is fiercely defending it, Russia needs this success in order to advance further towards Kiev.
Both sides fight bloody battles.

Wagner mercenary group

The Russian private army Wagner mercenaries announced that if Russia did not get going with equipment and ammunition, the head of the Wagner mercenary group wanted to withdraw his people.


The Western Alliance has meanwhile again pledged its full support to Ukraine. For example, many NATO countries, Baltic states and international pro-Western countries are supplying Ukraine with heavy war equipment, among other things. It is unclear whether fighter jets from Germany will be there at some point.

The Ukraine has so far been very massively armed – it is said. In part, that is true, but Ukraine also said that some promised deliveries were slow or non-existent.

International unity / divisions

According to new rhetoric, China-US relations seem to be getting a little „complicated“ again. China had meanwhile confirmed that it would improve relations with Russia, but is calling on both warring parties to end hostilities.

India does not position itself clearly and not everything seems to be in harmony on the big political stage either.
Recently, after the US President’s speech to the nation, it was leaked that he apparently asked behind the scenes whether the bums accepted his statements.

If so, something doesn’t seem right. (We try to publish the leaked video in the addendum).

Other speculation

On the one hand, the overwhelming international community wants the armed conflict to end quickly. However, Ukraine and Russia see things differently.

Russia wants to consolidate and incorporate the annexed parts of Ukraine (violating international law).

Ukraine wants to reconquer all occupied territories and legally prosecute and punish war crimes. In addition, Ukraine would like to become a member of the EU and NATO (the latter is unlikely as Ukraine serves more or less as a „buffer zone“ between NATO and Russia.).

Speaking of NATO and Russia

The NATO OST expansion was signed by Russia itself in 1997, ergo Russia itself gave its consent to it.

To panic now and only want to destroy Ukraine for that reason is more like the Russian president seeking a direct confrontation with NATO.
The conflict between the USA and Russia is very old. The two great powers never understood each other for more than a few years.

It’s going to be scary looking ahead. Because a NUCLEAR war might even be the end for the planet – the home of all life we know.