Assessment #4

When money is made with war

… or….

why Ukraine is deceived

Ukraine is going through a bloody struggle for its existence and sovereignty. Western countries, including the USA, England, Germany, Hungary and many others, declared their solidarity and promised to fight side by side with Ukraine.

Seriously? No!!!

Germany delivers decommissioned NVA (GDR military) stocks. Discarded old technology, including tanks. But not immediately, but much later.

It was promised to help Ukraine to stop Russia’s war of aggression. Yes one does also what – sanctions, yachts and funds freeze, the Russian economy with needles torture – but really Putin to the ending of the war move one does not thereby however.

No, they happily invite Baltic states to join NATO. In this way, new provocations against Russia are instigated. Why was Ukraine not accepted in a hurry?

Oh yes, the third world war and the fear of a nuclear exchange.

We have observed 50 days of war. While Ukraine suffers, innocent lives are lost, the Western countries argue about who supplies what, who sanctions what and how, and oh so… They are also arguing about who will house and care for how many refugees.

So, instead of giving real help to Ukraine, they prefer to discuss, to mourn the losses, to call the International Criminal Court for war crimes… but nothing more happens.

Germany complained when Ukraine did not want to see the German president — well, why? He likes to cuddle with Putin, because there is a lot of money and prestige at stake.

So instead of supporting Ukraine with all forces and means as it was hypocritically promised, everything happens very slowly.

It is an indictment of humanity, constructed on lies and written down with the wet underpants out of fear that the evil Putin could strive for world domination.

In fact, however, one is afraid of a nuclear war. But not even the Putin would be such a fool to dare to detonate atomic bombs. He would destroy his empire just as he would destroy the world. So in any case all life on it. Man destroys everything and himself, the planet does not care, because it will regenerate.

The Ukraine war, as well as all wars on the planet are testimony of political failure on the whole line. The price is paid by civilians who die or have to flee.

The price is paid by nature, which has to put everything back in order. Wars draw the picture of mankind, which refuses to live in peace with each other, as neighbors, as friends – No, man must play war, so that he can really show it to the others. Without regard for innocent people, without even getting their own hands dirty, that’s what you have your armies and weapons for.

Politics is human-denying, because it is always about the fat business, make their own pockets full and of course about the greed for power and influence. Politicians are therefore basically criminals against humanity!